1. Where can I find the program of the Youth Games?
At this link http://aimyg.eu/calendario you can find the program of the event.


2. Is there a calendar to see the tournaments and the final scores of each discipline?
Yes, at this link http://aimyg.eu/youth-games-gare you can find the tournaments calendar and the real-time results. Furthermore, all results will be updated on facebook https://www.facebook.com/youthgamesancona/ and twitter https://twitter.com/aimyg2016

3. How can I have more info about the Youth Games?
To have more info contact:
Sanja Vukorep 0039.071.2222487 sanja.vukorep@comune.ancona.it
Ornella Guglielmino 0039.071.2222448 ornella.guglielmino@comune.ancona.it
Cosimo Binetti 0039.071.2222459 cosimo.binetti@comune.ancona.it
Elena Feggi 0039.071.2222326 elena.feggi@comune.ancona.it

4. How do I know where the tournaments take place?

Under “Sport” you can find all sports facilities where the tournaments will take place.

How do I know who my opponent is?
Each tournament is divided in rounds. At this link http://aimyg.eu/en/youth-games-gare you can find all rounds’ calendar.

6. Where can I find the tournament rules of each sports discipline?
Tournament rules of each sports discipline can be found on the single disciplines pages, under “Sport”.